Norfolk, VA Substance Abuse Hotline

Understanding the Addiction Hotline in Norfolk, Virginia

The Norfolk, Virginia addiction hotline is a beacon of hope for those grappling with substance abuse issues. Our professional team is on standby 24/7, providing support, information, and guidance to those in need.

Serving Norfolk, Virginia and Beyond

Dedicated to supporting those across Norfolk, Virginia and statewide, our addiction hotline is a lifeline to those embarking on their recovery journey. Whether you need information about treatment options, or simply someone to speak to, we’re here round the clock to assist.

The Role of the Addiction Hotline

The role of the addiction hotline is critical in assisting those suffering from substance abuse. We are here to ensure that anyone in Norfolk, Virginia seeking help is provided with the support they need. Whether it is day or night, our line is always open to assist.

Who Can Use our Addiction Hotline?

The Norfolk, Virginia addiction hotline is available to anyone needing help with substance abuse. Whether it’s you, a friend or a family member, don’t hesitate to reach out. We’re here to provide non-judgmental support and guidance whenever it’s needed.

What To Expect When You Call

  1. You are greeted by a friendly and supportive voice
  2. You are provided with information on treatment options
  3. You are guided on how to deal with immediate risks or concerns
  4. You receive continued support if needed

Contact Our Addiction Hotline Today

The Norfolk, Virginia addiction hotline is ready to assist you whenever you’re in need. Connect with our team today by calling us directly at
(888) 430-7660. Let us guide you along your journey to recovery and help you reclaim control over your life.

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